AeroFS – Looks like the perfect (better) alternative to Live Mesh

AeroFS looks to be the perfect secure folder sync tool.

Back when Windows Live Mesh was ‘FolderSync’ – it promised ‘Linux support coming soon’ to it’s windows and Mac folder synchronization solution.

Well, it got purchased by Microsoft and – you guessed it – this phrase disappeared from the site. Years later – still no Linux support.

Now – solutions like Dropbox and SugarSync are nice – but all rely on a central infrastructure and Internet connectivity. Tools like rsync are neat – but are more than troublesome on Windows.

Check this tool out – AeroFS. It claims to be a distributed, synchronized filesystem over a peer-to-peer encrypted connection. Once initial pairing is made – no internet connectivity required. Best of all – Windows, Mac AND Linux support. What more could you possibly want.

Well – in my case – an invite.. 🙂 It’s in early beta right now – if you have an account already – *please* contact me for my email address. Otherwise – please click on this link AeroFS and sign up to their invite list. You’ll be helping me to get the invite quickly – and I’ll pass that back to you once invited. Win-Win!